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House of Mary Mother
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    Virgin Mary's House "in Ephesus"
Virgin Mary's House, Selcuk, Izmir Bülbüldağı in the last years St. Mary, the mother of Jesus. Jean (John) believed to have suffered along with the church. Is a place of pilgrimage for Christians. So far, been visited by popes.
Bülbüldağı the tomb of the Virgin Mary in the thought that.

Passing from the upper gate of the ancient city of Ephesus, leading the Virgin Mary at the site, is a small Byzantine church. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ is believed to have lived and died here. Christians are considered holy by Muslims, and is visited next, the patients sought healing, dedicated offerings. Collected from the Church of the Virgin Mary in Ephesus in 431 to take the name of the Virgin Mary Ecumenical Assembly decides to give birth to Jesus Christ as the Son of God may be connected. The house is also interesting discovery.

This house is that of St. Mary, Pope Paul VI in 1967. Paul and Pope John Paul II in 1979. It was visited by John Paul II. Declared by the Vatican the Holy Virgin Mary's House, visited by Christians from all over the world, favorite, has been a sacred place 

Location of the house of the Virgin Mary
History and legends that are connected to each other in his Gregoire de Tours (538-594), a mountain near Ephesus, the first church in the small church, the author talked about respect. "Ephesus near the top of a mountain, there are four walls, a roof, John sits on the inner side of these walls," he says. I wonder if this little church, granted the people who travel raporlanna-ing was based on?In such a case, you very quickly, confirmatory, nor should be skeptical.Kırkıncelilerin (still in the village of Sirince Selcuk) According to tradition, the Virgin Mary on Mount Bulbul sitting in Ephesus believed in the existence of Ev. They are 17 km from the neighborhood of the Virgin Mary. 15 Aug-tos'ta away and settled each year (the day of death of the Virgin Mary) and Eid-ul per cent are believed to be visiting the temple was in place. Mary spent the last days of defending the Orthodox church in Jerusalem, this Orthodox peasants depending on what the mouth, it is surprising to hear a confirmation. This, however, Christians, Christians of Ephesus Ephesus during the persecutions from the mountains of the eastern sığındakları a variety of generations and we think that, we can assume that in the middle of something amazing. Speak the Turkish language, customs and traditions of their ancestors preserve.Day visit to the Virgin Mary Ev'ini 5 hours hiking in the mountains, this brave people who are willing, of course, it is a serious cause bağlıyorlardı. In this respect, Mr. Poulin says, "they did not invent this tradition. This tradition nor the Orthodox Church did not come to them from their neighbors. Okay, what from? Their father they answered. Knows that there is no one better than them."
House In This Issue
In 1881, a priest named Gouyet connected to the diocese of Paris, Catherine Emmerik'in (1774-1824) wrote "Virgin Mary 's life" described in the book of Mary Ev, recognition gitmeğe decides to Ephesus, to see whether it is suitable .Monsignor the Archbishop of Izmir Timoni, her encouraging him to help with research malarına gives a teenager. The priest Gouyet, bag, on the "poor, harmless and helpless, please respect these passengers" by putting a compass with the words set out in writing. Smooth ride later, claiming that he found the House of the Virgin Mary, Diocese of Paris with Monsieur Timoni report otorilerine, and even allows you to Rome. But it may be no success.Ten years later, the French hospital in Izmir priestess Marie de Mandate Grancey, community hospital nuns, Catherine Emmerik 's "Life of the Virgin Mary" okutuyordu book. When completed sections on the life and death of Mary in Ephesus, nuns, priests Lazarist M. Jung says: "Ephesus is not so far away, go and worth seeing."Director of the city's French and Hebrew at the College of the same experts who know the traditions of the Jewish Lazarist priest Eugene Poulin'de manual Catherine Emmerik'in tertiplemeğe examines and decides on a trip to Ephesus. He's not gone away, the officer will send two priests and two Catholic.